pumps and motors

Our Valuable Pump Products

4" Borewell Submersible Pumps

6" Borewell Submersible Pumps

Openwell Pumps

Self Priming Pumps 1HP

Shallow well Pumps 0.5 HP

Monoblock Pumps

Monoblock DMS 2 Type Pump 0.5HP & 1.0 HP

Openwell Monoblock Pump 1.0 HP

V-Type Self Priming Pump 0.5 HP

3Phase Induction Motor Foot Type

3Phase Induction Motor Flange Type

Single Phase Induction motor Foot Type - Sheet Metal Body

Grinder Motor

Single phase Induction Motor with Double Capacitor - Sheet Metal Body

Mini Cooler Motor With Mounting Ring – Three Speed

Mini Cooler Motor Without Mounting Ring- Single Speed

Cooler Motor

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